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"What computer equipment have we donated?"

Computer equipment installed at the Zisukhanyo Stage II schools

State-of-the-art computer facilities were made available at the eight participating schools in the Zisukhanyo Schools Project Stage II over the period from July to October, 2010.

The computer hardware provided to seven of the school consists of the following

  • IBM Server and backup server
  • Lenovo workstations(50)
  • Lexmark laser printers
  • Epson scanner
  • Interactive whiteboard(SmartBoard) and overhead projector
  • Audio equipment (speakers, headsets)

In the case of the eighth school, an IBM server and backup server are installed. In addition, an interactive whiteboard (SmartBoard) and overhead projector are installed in each of the school's twelve classrooms.

Special hardware (IBM Young Explorer equipment) and software (KidSmart educational software) are provided in a classroom at one of the schools for use by children with special learning needs.

Internet connectivity is provided to all eight of the schools via uncapped ADSL with a line speed of 4Mb.